Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ural Adventure Ride September 2012

The 2012 Ural Adventure Ride has been a great event in the tradition of our previous yearly gatherings. The opportunity to ride and socialise with other Ural owners was eagerly participated by 23 Urals and that is 10% of all the new Urals in the whole of Australia. Ural owners love the exchange of information and the support for riders as many of them tackle the tough and demanding roads through the New England and North Coast regions of NSW for the first time. There is always a noticeable improvement in the riding and knowledge of the outfits as the ride progresses. Close freindships are formed amongst like minded adventurers!

This year the group rode down the spectacular Macleay river valley with its very twisty and narrow roads flanked by high and unprotected cliff edges. Fortunately the road surface was in great shape and a light breeze kept dust to a minimum. The bikes had the 85km of dirt road pretty much to themselves also. A picnic lunch by the river was enjoyed by all and there was one small slip up by a less experienced rider who clipped the rock wall whilst braking on a left hand bend.

After overnighting at a beachside resort in the bush the second day delighted riders with a rather tough section of very deep soft sand. Several riders cleared the section without assistance, but others enjoyed getting bogged to the axles and camaraderie developed as many hands pushed them clear of the sand. Riders continued ovwer the Comboyne plateau and up to a great resort hidden in the bush near Bundook, along what many thought was a road made in heaven for Ural sidecars.

The final day rode the Cooplacurripa and Nowendoc valley with another picnic lunch and then lots of laughs and coffee in Walcha. The bikes were subjected to a little dust and several riders discovered that air filters need a little maintenance when you go dirt roads in a large group. No punctures for the week and only one small breakdown which was fixed on the roadside in typical Ural "fix it in the bush" fashion before riding on to the end.

We would like to acknowledge Valerie from Uralla and Graeme Hardwick for their fantastic photos and thank them for letting us use them!

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