Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Q AND A on the 2014 Ural Model

Q: What are the prices by model?
A:  Recommended RRP is (add on road costs for your state)
  • T – $ 18,500
  • Tourist - $20,400
  • Ranger - $21,600
Q: What models and colours are available in Australia?
Ranger – Asphalt Grey, Sage Green, Battleship Blue, Bondi Yellow
Tourist – Red/White, Blue, Yellow
T – Matt Black, Red

Q: When/Where will dealers get their training on the 2014 models?
A: The factory assures us the new bikes cannot be correctly setup without training. We held a training session for Dealers in the week of March - 27th 28th . This was held at Ural Australia.

Q: Will there be a 2014 Tourist model?
The T, Tourist and Ranger models we sell in Australia will continue. 
Some specs have changed slightly.
T model will now come in gloss red or matt black. No extras as before – a stripped down model.
The Tourist comes with sidecar screen and spare wheel, tonneau cover, toolkit, pump, bench seat and auxiliary power in the sidecar as standard, but no sidecar bumper and luggage rack.
The Ranger is in regular specs with tank locker, sidecar bumper, spare wheel, tonneau, shovel, jerrycan, leg shields, auxiliary sidecar power outlet, sidecar bumper and luggage rack, but no sidecar screen.

Q: Is the Retro no longer going to be produced? Will the tech changes apply to the Retro models?
A: All 2014 changes apply to Retros. Our first 2014 Retros coming to Australia will not be here before December 2014.

Q: Will there be a 2014 Solo sT?
A: It is not available in Australia for the foreseeable future.

Q: When can I get a brochure for 2014 models?
A: They are available now from dealers or from Ural Australia directly

Q: Which wheel locations will the spare tire fit? What about the interchangeability of the wheels?
A: We knew the question about spare wheel fitment would inspire more discussion than any other change we are introducing in 2014. So here is the answer. The spare wheel was primarily designed to replace the “pusher” rear tire. This position has proven most common for punctures leading to flats (90% of the time per our observations) and is also susceptible to the most wear. In an emergency the spare wheel assembly can be fitted to the front and sidecar positions of the motorcycle yet the brakes will not be functional. However, it is not advised to ride the motorcycle without fully operational equipment of any kind, especially the braking system. Fitting the spare to the front or sidecar would be for extreme situations only where you had no alternative but to get yourself out of a predicament.

Q: Where is the fuel pump (external or inside the tank)?
A: The pump is outside of the fuel tank. It is located underneath, near the front of the tank. This allows for easier inspection of the unit than an internal fuel pump. The filtering is handled by a serviceable screen in the tank to catch larger particles followed by an external inline filter for smaller particles. Maintenance on these filters is something you won’t even need to think about until your 10,000 kilometre service.

Q: Has the tank size increased?
A: The fuel tank for all models still holds 20 litres, slightly more for Retro models. The introduction of the EFI system has increased the mileage and in turn the motorcycles range. At 7.5ltr per 100km compared to the 9ltr per 100km from previous years it doesn’t take much to figure out how far you and your Ural will go. Of course, if you ride with the throttle wide open all the time your results may vary. On our Pre Production bike Jon recorded 300km from a 20ltr tank!

Q: What periodic maintenance is required?
A: Not anything majorly different from previous years except service intervals have been increased to 5,000km recently. A totally new manual has been written to go with 2014 EFI bikes!

Q: What is the approximate weight of the 2014 bikes?
A: The “approximate” weight of the motorcycles is the same as previous years across all models, minus approximately 4kg in weight reduction of new and updated components. How did we do it? Use of new castings and casting techniques, new forged aluminum triple clamps, and utilizing lighter materials for the dash and air box to name a few.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade pre-2014 Urals to the disc brakes all around set-up as on the 2014 models?
A: Anything is possible. That being said, upgrading and replacing key components on Ural models produced before 2014 to allow the fitment of the new brake system would be an investment in parts and labor. Specifically you would be replacing over 30 parts including motorcycle and sidecar frames two swing arms, the final drive, wheels and numerous other components. Likely its cheaper to trade up to a new bike.

Q: Can the new timing cover with spin-on oil filter be used on older bikes? Which parts are necessary?
A: A retro fit timing cover with spin on oil filter designed for use with the Ducati ignition is available for 750cc engines built before 2014. The kit containing all the parts you need is now available through our dealers and Ural Australia.

Q: Is it possible to install hydraulic damper on older Ural?
A: A retro fit kit has been developed to replace the friction type damper with a hydraulic damper on all models produced before 2014. This kit is available now.  We would also like to take this opportunity to correct an earlier statement. The new hydraulic damper has 16 adjustment positions and reports from customers who have fitted them suggest steering is very noticeably more precise and less influenced by road irregularities.

Q: Can I install the new air filter on my 2006 Tourist?
A: Again with Urals anything is possible. To install the new air box on models produced prior to 2014 will require a new fuel tank as new mounting was required to make room for the higher volume air box. Also the new style fuel tank mount would need to be welded to the correct position on the frame. So the answer to your question is yes … but actually no.

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