Monday, 24 February 2014

More about our 2014 model with EFI and disc brakes all round.

We have been thinking about how to quantify the power delivery of the 2014 models. We have a new camshaft that is lumpier and an EFI system which is delivering fuel economy and more torque. We all want to understand what this feels like in performance out there on the road.

We decided to take our demo Gobi Ranger model from 2013 with 1100km up and run the pre-production 2014 Tourist against it. Because it was mid range torque that we wanted to illustrate, we figured a 3rd gear acceleration up a grade was likely to best illustrate the difference.

The two models at 40kph approaching the start point at the foot of the hill.

200 metres up the slope the yellow 2014 bike accelerating ahead
On a quiet section of country road near Kentucky we chose a smooth gradient of around 1 in 8 that was some 300 metres long. We approached the base of the hill with the bikes in 3rd gear at a steady 40kmh and side by side. At a chosen set of guideposts we rolled the throttles full on and accelerated up the hill. 250 metres later we had our camera man waiting to record the situation.
At the 250m mark the 2014 bike is travelling at over 90kph and accelerating fast

The results were rather astounding and the camera man had to move away from the road to get both bikes in. We swapped riders and results were the same.

The comparison was repeated at 50kph start speed with similar results.

Repeating the exercise with a start speed at 50kph in third closed the gap a little as the 2014 bike had a distinct advantage in being able to accelerate quicker from a lower speed. At 50 kph the 2013 bike was accelerating better on the gradient and so did not get left so far behind after 250 metres.

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